A new and exciting project was born in 2017, aimed at producing Coated Yarns with a PES, PA, natural fiber, carbon, glass or kevlar core coated with hot melt polymers with low melting point, or super polymers like PEEK.

Our passion and research paved the way for the development of two innovative ranges, 100% made in Italy:

TPU Evolution, the polyurethane yarn

The versatility of TPU Evolution allows almost endless applications both in the textile world and in a wide range of industrial sectors.

TPU Evolution is the best solution for the production of bags, shoes, suitcases, technical fabrics, textiles, coats, outdoor and indoor furniture and accessories of superior quality showcasing unique features.

Smooth hand-peach feel, softness, lightness, rubber effect and elasticity are the main features of a product with an excellent resistance to both abrasion and impact, chemical agents, hydrolysis and germs.

TPU Evolution, the polyurethane yarn, is available in different counts and versions:

  • TPU Evolution: Coat in colored TPU polyurethane.
  • TPU Evolution Clear: Coat in transparent TPU polyurethane; please ask for availability of counts and Core colors.
  • Antibacterial version upon request.
  • … and many other customized solutions

TPU Evolution is a true innovation that will not fail to amaze with its versatility and performance.

TPU Industrial

Coated Yarn Industrial is the range of coated yarns developed for the technical-industrial world.


• Stabilization of technical fabrics

• Glass and carbon fabrics

• Production of nets and ropes

• Filtration systems

• Fabrics for the ballistic sector

•Composite materials

COREAvailable COATS for different Core combinations
Cordura-Steel-Glass fibre-Carbon fibre-Aramid fibre  TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane,  EVA, Co-Pa, Co-Pes,  PEEK , PA12

Our research aims at producing tailor-made Coated Yarns, and our Team is happy to discuss the application of Coated Yarn – Industrial to your latest project.

Silver fabric
TPU White Fabric
Decatex Bag
TPU woman’s bag
Scarpa TPU
TPU tessuto
TPU blue shoe
Tessuto TPU Evolution Arancione
Borsa TPU green leather
Tavolette TPU
Zaino TPU lucido
Evolution Mask + Bag Loredana
gomitolo violaceo e bianco
Gomitolo Green
Gonna TPU
Bag similpelle
Bobina coated
TPU Ricamo
Borsa Loredana
Masks bag beige