GRILON® EMS Matrix soluble yarns are created with phenoxy resin, a guarantee for high performance composites and suitable for the production of unidirectional and multiaxial fabrics in carbon fiber.

During the infusing process, in particular RTM, the yarn dissolves into the epoxy matrix, because yarn and matrix have the same chemical nature. GRILON® EMSMatrix soluble yarn guarantees a composite made up of just two elements – fiber and resin – thus eliminating problems linked to the use of different materials in the matrix.

The use of GRILON® EMS matrix soluble yarn as sewing yarn for multiaxial fabrics and 3D texiles enhances the resistance of the final composite, and helps  avoid delaminations.

Thanks to its innovative features, GRILON® EMS matrix soluble yarn won the prestigious JEC INNOVATION PRIZE.

The advantages of using Grilon® Matrix Soluble Yarn are great:

  1. Increased impact resistance.
  2. Increased mechanical properties of the composite.
  3. Easy to dissolve during the care of the article.
  4. Stabilization of the fibers during preform or lamination.
  5. Facilitates fibre adhesion.
  6. Raw material in phenoxy widely tested in the world of composites, especially for aerospace.
infusione MATRIX
elicottero MATRIX
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