Stiffening and Shaping

For over 35 years, our fusible bonding yarns, thermo soluble thread and combi yarns (low melt strands + strings in PES, PA, Spandex etc) under the trademark GRILON® EMS are successfully used in countless applications; recently they have had a great response in the production of knitted and fabrics to achieve a stiffening and shaping effect.

Thanks to the finishing process, the low melting fusible bonding yarns GRILON® EMS guarantee shape and stiffness over the time needed for the creation of a high quality product.

In cooperation with Dyloan Studio, we developed a new project called “MODA FUTURIBILE”: the aim is the enhancing the excellence of the fashion industry through the creation, expression of the know-how and design synergies created between companies and designers.

The “conscious choice” is being implemented according to the principle of sustainability, understood as know-how, traceability, transparency, technology, experimentation and connection with territory.

The results of “MODA FUTURIBILE” projects are outstanding: knitted bags which keep their shape over time through their own preforming, outfits made by hand-made croquet technique or created from preformed sheets. Everything has been carried out through the tissue stabilization and forming capacity typical of our low melting fusible bonding yarns GRILON® EMS.

Fusible Bonding Yarns

Low melting fusible bonding yarns GRILON EMS are the result of dedicated research targeting the development of auxiliary products for the textile industry.

Fusible Separation Yarns

Steam or hot air, just a blow... that's enough to dissolve our thermo soluble thread GRILON EMS.

Combi e
Bi-component Yarns

Fusible bonding yarn Combi GRILON EMS range comes from the twisting of PA or PES threads or glass fiber with our melting yarns.
Fusible bonding Bi-component yarn GRILON EMS is the result of sophisticated technologies and they are a new range of yarns conceived to meet very specific demands.

Matrix Soluble Woven Yarns

Matrix soluble woven yarn GRILON EMS is a phenoxy resin yarn used in the production of UD and multi-axial fabrics in carbon, aramid and glass fibers.

Matrix Soluble Non Woven Yarns

Matrix soluble nonwoven yarn GRILON EMS is a thermo binder veil Composite industry deveolped by EMS GRILTECH in 2008.


It lokks like a normale thread but is a true novelty in the world of sewing!