Stiffening and Shaping

For over 35 years our GRILON® EMS low melt fusible bonding yarns have been successfully used in countless applications: they have recently had  great response in the production of knitwear, bags, knitted shoes, accessories and fabrics, due to their stiffening and shaping effect.

Thanks to a vaporization process, our GRILON® EMS low melt fusible bonding yarns guarantee both shape and rigidity over time that are necessary for the creation of a high quality product; they are also available in the versions polyester+spandex and polyamide+spandex.

In cooperation with Dyloan Studio, we recently developed a new project called “MODA FUTURIBILE”, aimed at enhancing the excellence of the fashion industry, this amazing project allowed the creation of knitted backpacks that maintain their shape over time with a simple preforming process, dresses made by hand with the crochet technique or created from knitted sheets that maintain the desired shape.

All was made possible thanks to the sensational stabilization and preforming properties typical of our GRILON® EMS low melt fusible bonding yarns.

In the February 2023 edition of Pitti Filati, the “Knitting the future” project was presented, in collaboration with the Suedwolle Group, The Woolmark Company e D-house.

The combination of GRILON® EMS low melt thermoadhesive yarns and fine merino wool by Suedwolle Group has given life to Icevict, a yarn with unique performance and characterized by extreme durability, thermoformability and surprising softness.

The garments made with Icevict are technically performant, ideal both for sports and everyday use: their functionality knows no limits! Extreme resistance to pilling, abrasion, shape retention over time, durability are just some of the features that Icevict offers.

The activation of the GRILON® EMS yarn gives structure, rigidity and a sensational 3D effect that lasts over time.

Innovation is key in a world where the garments made with Icevict take center stage; the idea of ​​combining the performances of GRILON® EMS yarns with the characteristics of merino wool was born from the desire to give space to creativity and infinite combinations.

Sustainability is another cornerstone of the creations made with Icevict: the Grilon EMS low melt yarns, guaranteed by the main European Quality certifications such as Reach and OekoTex, thanks to their technical characteristics allow for a prolonged use of the garments.

Raising awareness of the “conscious choice” is our step in compliance with the principles of traceability, transparency, technology, ethics, experimentation and connection to the territory.

Fusible Bonding Yarns

Low melting fusible bonding yarns GRILON EMS are the result of dedicated research targeting the development of auxiliary products for the textile industry.

Fusible Separation Yarns

Steam or hot air, just a blow... that's enough to dissolve our thermo soluble thread GRILON EMS.

Combi e
Bi-component Yarns

Fusible bonding yarn Combi GRILON EMS range comes from the twisting of PA or PES threads or glass fiber with our melting yarns.
Fusible bonding Bi-component yarn GRILON EMS is the result of sophisticated technologies and they are a new range of yarns conceived to meet very specific demands.

Matrix Soluble Woven Yarns

Matrix soluble woven yarn GRILON EMS is a phenoxy resin yarn used in the production of UD and multi-axial fabrics in carbon, aramid and glass fibers.

Matrix Soluble Non Woven Yarns

Matrix soluble nonwoven yarn GRILON EMS is a thermo binder veil Composite industry deveolped by EMS GRILTECH in 2008.


It looks like a normale thread but is a true novelty in the world of sewing!