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EMS GRILTECH® is the global leader in the production of hot melt EMS GRILTEX® CO-PA and CO-PES polymers in granules, powder and water-based suspension.

Thanks to the wide range of melting points and different viscosities, hot melt EMS GRILTEX ® polymers provide many advantages: they are solvent free, eco-friendly  and offer variable speed of crystallization, high quality over time, and ease of application.

Our Swiss made EMS GRILTEX® CO-PA and CO-PES hot melt polymers guarantee  long lasting and high standards of performance.

Hair extension

Hotmelt polymers EMS GRILTEX® are used for the applications of hair extensions. the selection includes also colorful hot melt polymers.

Car filters

EMS GRILTEX® hotmelt polymers find innovative applications in the automotive sector, well known for its demanding technical requirements, guaranteeing sustainability and performance.

  • Wear resistance
  • Reduced VOC content
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High flexibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Eco-friendly materials

Transfer labels

Used either as adhesive ink or on the back of labels, they guarantee:

  • Extraordinary adhesion between substrates.
  • Reduction of Dye Stuff Migration.
  • “Solvent free” and “tin-free” materials.

Laminations of fabrics

EMS GRILTEX® Hotmelt polymers are widely used in a variety of  sectors for the lamination of fabrics (Pes – Pa – Leather – Ecoleather– etc) and for honeycomb aluminium plates. 


EMS GRILTEX® Hotmelt polymers guarantee amazing results when used as carriers or additives in the production of masterbatch.

  • Excellent compatibility with polyamide and polyester.
  • Reduction of viscosity and fragility.
  • Homogeneous mixing with pigments.
  • No negative effects in the following working phases (printing, painting, etc.).
  • Easy distribution of the masterbatch in the finished product.
  • Masterbatch can be produced for “sensitive temperature” materials.


Our hotmelt polymers EMS GRILTEX® are exstensively used for the production of film and web.


Hotmelt polymers EMS GRILTEX® have an excellent compatibility with the majority of matrix resins, in particular with epoxy resins.


Also in the automotive business, which is the more demanding for the technical features, are found some innovative solutions using our  hotmelt polymers EMS GRILTEX® guaranteeing sostenibility and performance.